Wednesday, August 12, 2009

tag, i'm it!

I love Smell the Coffee, Lisa. She is a great commenter, hilarious, quirky and fun. Simply great! I enjoy every minute I 'visit' with her! She's tagged me so I get to share. Five things that I love. Hmmmmmmmm. Of course, there are the serious answers. My family. God. My friends. Church. The list I am about to share is a walk on the wee bit less serious side.

1. Totebags -- maniacally (is that a word?) obsessed with totebags of any kind. I have a totebag for everything. I like shopping for totebags. I like getting them, filling them, looking at them -- everything totebags. Three of my happiest (jk) days were the day we made bedazzled tote bags in my moms' group, the day my moms' group gave me a Vera tote as a present and the day I found five beach tote bags that were normally $20 apiece on clearance for $1.48. Yes, I bought them all and I have used them selfishly just for me. Decadence!
2. Dance music -- I can get so much more done when Disturbia and Mambo 5 and Lady Gaga are playing in the background.
3. Caffeine -- I start the day with coffee and iced tea and don't stop all day. I love caffeine and it loves me.
4. Grosgrain ribbon -- I love the way it looks, it feels, the colors, the texture -- I would wrap myself in it and wear it everywhere.
5. Bread -- good, crusty, yummy warm baguettes with butter on it. Oh, I like bread so very, very much!

Wow. I had no idea this post would be so random. Hilarious! I am tagging two people who I would love for them to spend more time blogging. These women are WONDERFUL and I love them to pieces.

-- The Polkadot Fieldmouse
-- Laugh or Weep

Thanks, Lisa Anne, for making me laugh! Heather and Jesse, tag, you're it!


  1. I love bedazzling anything I can get my hands on. I bedazzled my sons Nintendo DS and he got so mad. The hours I took to spell his name out in clear crystal beads was all destryoed in minutes. Apparently beaddazzling is not for boys. Who would have thunk.

  2. Droooool, crusty warm bread w/ tons of realy butter...

    I'm dropping by from SITS to welcome you to the family!

  3. totebags...yep, that's me too! and the reusable grocery bags too. we got a bunch free at the state fair last year, and when we went again last night, i was actually disappointed when i couldn't find any. seriously.

  4. I'm with you on #3 and #5-- I lurve those things, too. =)

    Beautiful jewelry, btw. I'm thinking of taking some jewelry classes. I did hand-stamping for awhile but got a bit bored with it. Did you take classes or are you self-taught?

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm there with you with the caffeine, Diet Coke for me keeps me up and moving around during the day. A little Rascal Flatts doesn't hurt either, I could listen to them all day! Country music for me mostly :)



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