Wednesday, August 26, 2009

little tear of 'wow' in the corner of my eye . . .

So I stopped by our Braft Club (Remember? Book and Craft. ;) ) tonight on the way home from a ridiculously busy day with all three of my girls right after their dance class. It was about 7:30. My husband travels a lot -- he works with NASA -- and I had a little evening flexibility. I knew I couldn't stay. The kids needed to be home. But, I needed to see my friends and had said I would stop by. :)

They were busy making Fimo Pens. (Oh, I have to make some soon -- they are so awesome! ;) ) But, I digress. So we were visiting for a couple of minutes and we began to leave. As we were leaving, someone was arriving and calling my name. She had a surprise for me. It was Abbie of Overflow creams, lotions and scents. She said her mother was so excited about our efforts for the craft fair that she wanted to help. She mailed a whole box stuffed to the gills with beading supplies to Abbie to give to me. Beads, glass, clay, lampwork, metal, spacers, toggles.

I have to say that tear of total surprise, joy and pleasure coming at the end of an oh so tense afternoon just rolled right on down the cheek. Too spontaneous to stop. I have never even met Abbie's mother. For someone to be that generous . . . well, it makes you want to go do nice things for others. Hats off to kind people everywhere . . .


  1. It's seriously contagious! I love doing little random acts of kindness like that. I always hope that others will pass their kindness on to someone else too. It would make this world so much better!

  2. Wow that is great!! It's nice to see people appreciating other people!!

  3. isn't it great when people catch you by surprise like that?


oh so, well, appreciated! ;) loving those comments, friends!