Thursday, May 27, 2010

English Pirate? Arrrrrgh.

Need a laugh?  Get on your Facebook page and scroll down to the bottom.  Find the little blue word that says English.  Click on it and select English Pirate from your choices.  Soooo funny!

honey, i'm home! it's summer!

Ahh, it feels so good to be home!  Woo hoo, it is summer again!  A time of no alarm clocks (sadly, my internal clock hasn't caught on yet ;) ), fresh deliveries of five yards of mulch, no car lines at school and kids splashing continually in my pool.  Cool, clean evenings, 'what does it matter' outfits and 'do your own hair, girls' kind of mornings.  Staying up past my bed time and my days filled with stuff that I want to do.  I have missed my precious blog -- this sweet spot in the world where I can let my hair down and relax.

This has been a big winter for me.  A huge transition away from my MOPS' group -- I retired after four years as Coordinator of a really big spot in the world and got a job!  No, make it two?  Wait, three!  :)  I am now the Assistant Mom's Morning Out teacher for a little program at our church.  I started this job in January and LOVE it!  I also assumed the mantle of Director of the First Steps Nursery program at our church.  I love it!  Yesterday was "Self-Imposed, Seasonal Scrub Down of every toy in the entire Nursery"!  Now only to teach all of the babies to not lick everything . . . tee hee hee . . . And, finally, I am the Co-Director of Summer Blast, a Summer Arts and Enrichment Program, taking place in July.  Close to 300 children and 80 staff and growing -- I am soooooooo much happier when creative.

Lots of other great things -- Morgan made Gym Team and had a stellar year academically!  She ROCKED her Fifth Grade experience.  FIRST Lego League, Girl Scouts, Strings, Gold Honor Roll, Ballet, Jazz and Gym . . . and the sweetest little pumpkin to boot.  Madison's baton team experience has been great!  DMA State Championships and USTA State Championships -- her routines placed first :).  Jr. Lego League, K-Kids, Girl Scouts, Tap, Jazz and Baton -- my precious little bunny made Silver Honor Roll all year long!  So proud of Madison's Third Grade year.  And sweet Ella!  Three year old pre-school behind her, she is sooooo ready for 4th grade!  ;P  She heads to VPK in the fall and is loving her Fab 4s dance.  Ms. Kim is the rock star of all dance teachers!  :)

We visited Disney for the first time in the three years together as a family.  Loved it!  Bit the bullet and bought a seasonal Florida pass which we hope to use the most of.

The dog has reached 13 and 1/2 -- a very, very old border collie.

My jewelry has a home!  I have my very own desk from IKEA -- love IKEA -- that is perfect for all of my jewelry.  Two successful craft fairs under my belt, lots of local sales and tons of teacher's/family gifts later, I finally feel like I am firmly "with a hobby."

Still catching up with friends on Facebook and waiting for that big stretch of days with no obligation at all but otherwise?  I am happy, blessed, the mother of three great little girls, the wife of a man who really loves me and his family, has a beautiful home, and wonderful family nearby.  I love my family, my friends, my church and this sweet spot in the world that I have missed soooo.  Oh so pretty blog?  Happy Anniversary to you!  And to all of you?  You have been missed and I hope to 'see' you soon!