Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the sock necklace . . .

What does one do when your four year old comes to you and says "Mommy, look!  I made you a sock necklace!  Wear it!"?  A shoelace, an old kid sock and a broken hairband.  One wears it.  :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

outlander. living up to all expectations.

Ah, yes!  I am so glad that I followed a friend's urging to begin the Outlander series.  James Fraser.  Claire.  Intrigue.  Romance.  Time travel.  Swooning.  1700s back woods surgeries.  Unbelievable passion.  Just starting "The Fiery Cross", Book Five.  Looking for a new series?  Highly recommended!  Now, who to cast as James Fraser in an Outlander movie?  Someone has recommended a military doc on Grey's Anatomy -- I'll check and let you know . . .

e-bay . . . hmmm.

As most of you already know, I have been living under a rock for the past decade.  I'm using a Go-Phone (yes, until my plan expires in November -- sad, 'phone completely breaking apart in the driveway with no insurance' incident -- but I digress ;) ) and took about two hours to figure out my fifth grader's I Shuffle MP3 player, whatever.  Well, another trail has been blazed!  E-Bay!  LOVE this place!  I finally got the courage to order something off of E-bay recently.  I set up an account, figured out Pay-Pal and placed my first bid.  I was horribly frustrated when people had the nerve to out-bid me at the very last minute (The nerve! ;) ) but have since recovered from this disappointment.  I have lost more auctions than I have won but am very pleased with the results.  I found a baton costume -- new -- at an unbeatable price.  For all who have experienced custom baton costume world, you'll know my pain!  This costume arrived unstoned.  My new project?  Stoning the costume with crystals over the next few months.  Hopefully, if it turns out well -- which it should according to more experienced friends -- I can place the costume on E-bay to sell!  I am waiting for two sweaters to arrive for my girls and am hoping for the best.  How about you, my bloggy friends?  What has your E-bay experience been?  Any advice?  :)

honey, i'm home . . .

Oh, my sweet blog!  How I have missed you so!!!!  How can it possibly be that it has been months since we have had time to visit!  LIFE!  Well, I am thrilled to be back!  I have so missed this creative outlet and am excited to catch up on all that has been going on since I've been gone.  I have a new job, am stepping down as of this May from a volunteer position that has taken a huge portion of my life and have been enjoying beading with a vengeance.  But spending time here?  This precious time has been sorely missed.  The girls are healthy and well.  My husband?  Has spent the last two months knee-deep in High School Robotics team leaving me to 'mind the family'.  Me?  Getting back to business!!!!  Hope this post finds you all happy and well.  Happy to be back in the neighborhood!!!!!!  Let's see all of the new things that are happening in Blog World . . . grand adventures ahead.  I am certain of it!  :)