Sunday, February 21, 2010

e-bay . . . hmmm.

As most of you already know, I have been living under a rock for the past decade.  I'm using a Go-Phone (yes, until my plan expires in November -- sad, 'phone completely breaking apart in the driveway with no insurance' incident -- but I digress ;) ) and took about two hours to figure out my fifth grader's I Shuffle MP3 player, whatever.  Well, another trail has been blazed!  E-Bay!  LOVE this place!  I finally got the courage to order something off of E-bay recently.  I set up an account, figured out Pay-Pal and placed my first bid.  I was horribly frustrated when people had the nerve to out-bid me at the very last minute (The nerve! ;) ) but have since recovered from this disappointment.  I have lost more auctions than I have won but am very pleased with the results.  I found a baton costume -- new -- at an unbeatable price.  For all who have experienced custom baton costume world, you'll know my pain!  This costume arrived unstoned.  My new project?  Stoning the costume with crystals over the next few months.  Hopefully, if it turns out well -- which it should according to more experienced friends -- I can place the costume on E-bay to sell!  I am waiting for two sweaters to arrive for my girls and am hoping for the best.  How about you, my bloggy friends?  What has your E-bay experience been?  Any advice?  :)

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  1. I've ordered about 20 items from ebay. Had two bad experiences which almost stopped me from making any more purchases, but I couldn't resist when I saw some more good buys!!

    (would you believe my first ebay transaction ever came with a warning email from ebay not to continue the transaction with the seller and that ebay had removed their account. This scared the crap outta me, but I did eventually receive the item; the second problem was with a seller who up and closed without ever shipping my item. It is soooooo important to purchase via PayPal which luckily I did or I may have been out the money) Have fun!!!


oh so, well, appreciated! ;) loving those comments, friends!