Sunday, March 7, 2010

and to cook four pounds of bacon . . .

Sigh.  :)  I am in charge of the FCAT breakfast for my daughter's 5th Grade Class on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  On Tuesday, I am to bring in Bacon and Watermelon for 24 students.  My friend Julie is bringing in biscuits, butter and jelly.  On Wednesday, I am to bring in mini-pancakes, jelly and grapes.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to the most efficient way to cook four pounds of bacon?  And will four pounds of bacon be enough?  Oh dear.  And tomorrow is already packed full of the normal goings on . . . what to do, what to do. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

e-6000 is here . . .

New project time.  I am 'stoning' my first baton costume.  This is the adhesive more experienced moms swear by.  Wish me luck.

enjoying ebay . . . won a GK Leotard this morning!

Yea!  I love scoring a great deal on ebay!  Morgan, my ten-year-old, needs a new gymnastics leotard for Pre-Team and I am not ready to pay the full price of the GK Leotards.  I checked ebay and found a barely used totally cute one in her size . . . free shipping from a top-rated seller = me excited!  The ebay romance continues . . . now for it to get here :) . . .

vitalicious . . .

-- 100 calories

-- high in fiber to satisfy your hunger and conquer your cravings

-- 4g of protein

-- low-fat with 2.5g or less per serving

-- trans-fat free

-- cholesterol free

-- 15 important vitamins & minerals

-- totally yummy . . . :)

Buy One, Get One free this week at Publix . . . vitalicious!

a "warmer ;)" welcome to wicklessly happy . . .

Hurray!  My friend has started a new blog.  I am very happy for her!  I know how much fun it was to build my blog last year -- it brings back good memories to think of all of the adventures she has ahead!  She is a Scentsy consultant.  What's Scentsy you ask?  Well, I for one am a huge fan.  Ceramic warmers and melted wax block scents . . . I am enjoying her "beach vacation" 'Skinny Dippin' scent right now . . . ahhh, just like being on one!  ;)  Anyway, welcome to the blog, I mean, 'block', T.!  Glad to have you around!  Please stop by and send her some love . . . Wicklessly Happy -- her website?  Tracy's Scentsy Site . . .