Sunday, November 28, 2010

planning my devotion . . .

I have a new job.  I . . . love . . . my . . . job.  I work with the nicest people.  I have hours that work.  My family is loved.  I work with people that I respect.  I also have to write a devotion.  Due Tuesday.  Presenting to two pastors and fifteen staff.  No pressure?  C'mon, Salvador.  Speak to me . . .

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

heading to Savannah . . .

Heading to Savannah, Georgia.  The birthplace of Girl Scouting.  847 boxes of cookies later.  A train.  My two daughters. Me.  One rolling suitcase.  A charged camera battery.  A charged cell phone.  My journal.  17 hours and counting.  Savannah-bound.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

English Pirate? Arrrrrgh.

Need a laugh?  Get on your Facebook page and scroll down to the bottom.  Find the little blue word that says English.  Click on it and select English Pirate from your choices.  Soooo funny!

honey, i'm home! it's summer!

Ahh, it feels so good to be home!  Woo hoo, it is summer again!  A time of no alarm clocks (sadly, my internal clock hasn't caught on yet ;) ), fresh deliveries of five yards of mulch, no car lines at school and kids splashing continually in my pool.  Cool, clean evenings, 'what does it matter' outfits and 'do your own hair, girls' kind of mornings.  Staying up past my bed time and my days filled with stuff that I want to do.  I have missed my precious blog -- this sweet spot in the world where I can let my hair down and relax.

This has been a big winter for me.  A huge transition away from my MOPS' group -- I retired after four years as Coordinator of a really big spot in the world and got a job!  No, make it two?  Wait, three!  :)  I am now the Assistant Mom's Morning Out teacher for a little program at our church.  I started this job in January and LOVE it!  I also assumed the mantle of Director of the First Steps Nursery program at our church.  I love it!  Yesterday was "Self-Imposed, Seasonal Scrub Down of every toy in the entire Nursery"!  Now only to teach all of the babies to not lick everything . . . tee hee hee . . . And, finally, I am the Co-Director of Summer Blast, a Summer Arts and Enrichment Program, taking place in July.  Close to 300 children and 80 staff and growing -- I am soooooooo much happier when creative.

Lots of other great things -- Morgan made Gym Team and had a stellar year academically!  She ROCKED her Fifth Grade experience.  FIRST Lego League, Girl Scouts, Strings, Gold Honor Roll, Ballet, Jazz and Gym . . . and the sweetest little pumpkin to boot.  Madison's baton team experience has been great!  DMA State Championships and USTA State Championships -- her routines placed first :).  Jr. Lego League, K-Kids, Girl Scouts, Tap, Jazz and Baton -- my precious little bunny made Silver Honor Roll all year long!  So proud of Madison's Third Grade year.  And sweet Ella!  Three year old pre-school behind her, she is sooooo ready for 4th grade!  ;P  She heads to VPK in the fall and is loving her Fab 4s dance.  Ms. Kim is the rock star of all dance teachers!  :)

We visited Disney for the first time in the three years together as a family.  Loved it!  Bit the bullet and bought a seasonal Florida pass which we hope to use the most of.

The dog has reached 13 and 1/2 -- a very, very old border collie.

My jewelry has a home!  I have my very own desk from IKEA -- love IKEA -- that is perfect for all of my jewelry.  Two successful craft fairs under my belt, lots of local sales and tons of teacher's/family gifts later, I finally feel like I am firmly "with a hobby."

Still catching up with friends on Facebook and waiting for that big stretch of days with no obligation at all but otherwise?  I am happy, blessed, the mother of three great little girls, the wife of a man who really loves me and his family, has a beautiful home, and wonderful family nearby.  I love my family, my friends, my church and this sweet spot in the world that I have missed soooo.  Oh so pretty blog?  Happy Anniversary to you!  And to all of you?  You have been missed and I hope to 'see' you soon!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

and to cook four pounds of bacon . . .

Sigh.  :)  I am in charge of the FCAT breakfast for my daughter's 5th Grade Class on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  On Tuesday, I am to bring in Bacon and Watermelon for 24 students.  My friend Julie is bringing in biscuits, butter and jelly.  On Wednesday, I am to bring in mini-pancakes, jelly and grapes.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to the most efficient way to cook four pounds of bacon?  And will four pounds of bacon be enough?  Oh dear.  And tomorrow is already packed full of the normal goings on . . . what to do, what to do. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

e-6000 is here . . .

New project time.  I am 'stoning' my first baton costume.  This is the adhesive more experienced moms swear by.  Wish me luck.

enjoying ebay . . . won a GK Leotard this morning!

Yea!  I love scoring a great deal on ebay!  Morgan, my ten-year-old, needs a new gymnastics leotard for Pre-Team and I am not ready to pay the full price of the GK Leotards.  I checked ebay and found a barely used totally cute one in her size . . . free shipping from a top-rated seller = me excited!  The ebay romance continues . . . now for it to get here :) . . .

vitalicious . . .

-- 100 calories

-- high in fiber to satisfy your hunger and conquer your cravings

-- 4g of protein

-- low-fat with 2.5g or less per serving

-- trans-fat free

-- cholesterol free

-- 15 important vitamins & minerals

-- totally yummy . . . :)

Buy One, Get One free this week at Publix . . . vitalicious!

a "warmer ;)" welcome to wicklessly happy . . .

Hurray!  My friend has started a new blog.  I am very happy for her!  I know how much fun it was to build my blog last year -- it brings back good memories to think of all of the adventures she has ahead!  She is a Scentsy consultant.  What's Scentsy you ask?  Well, I for one am a huge fan.  Ceramic warmers and melted wax block scents . . . I am enjoying her "beach vacation" 'Skinny Dippin' scent right now . . . ahhh, just like being on one!  ;)  Anyway, welcome to the blog, I mean, 'block', T.!  Glad to have you around!  Please stop by and send her some love . . . Wicklessly Happy -- her website?  Tracy's Scentsy Site . . .

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the sock necklace . . .

What does one do when your four year old comes to you and says "Mommy, look!  I made you a sock necklace!  Wear it!"?  A shoelace, an old kid sock and a broken hairband.  One wears it.  :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

outlander. living up to all expectations.

Ah, yes!  I am so glad that I followed a friend's urging to begin the Outlander series.  James Fraser.  Claire.  Intrigue.  Romance.  Time travel.  Swooning.  1700s back woods surgeries.  Unbelievable passion.  Just starting "The Fiery Cross", Book Five.  Looking for a new series?  Highly recommended!  Now, who to cast as James Fraser in an Outlander movie?  Someone has recommended a military doc on Grey's Anatomy -- I'll check and let you know . . .

e-bay . . . hmmm.

As most of you already know, I have been living under a rock for the past decade.  I'm using a Go-Phone (yes, until my plan expires in November -- sad, 'phone completely breaking apart in the driveway with no insurance' incident -- but I digress ;) ) and took about two hours to figure out my fifth grader's I Shuffle MP3 player, whatever.  Well, another trail has been blazed!  E-Bay!  LOVE this place!  I finally got the courage to order something off of E-bay recently.  I set up an account, figured out Pay-Pal and placed my first bid.  I was horribly frustrated when people had the nerve to out-bid me at the very last minute (The nerve! ;) ) but have since recovered from this disappointment.  I have lost more auctions than I have won but am very pleased with the results.  I found a baton costume -- new -- at an unbeatable price.  For all who have experienced custom baton costume world, you'll know my pain!  This costume arrived unstoned.  My new project?  Stoning the costume with crystals over the next few months.  Hopefully, if it turns out well -- which it should according to more experienced friends -- I can place the costume on E-bay to sell!  I am waiting for two sweaters to arrive for my girls and am hoping for the best.  How about you, my bloggy friends?  What has your E-bay experience been?  Any advice?  :)

honey, i'm home . . .

Oh, my sweet blog!  How I have missed you so!!!!  How can it possibly be that it has been months since we have had time to visit!  LIFE!  Well, I am thrilled to be back!  I have so missed this creative outlet and am excited to catch up on all that has been going on since I've been gone.  I have a new job, am stepping down as of this May from a volunteer position that has taken a huge portion of my life and have been enjoying beading with a vengeance.  But spending time here?  This precious time has been sorely missed.  The girls are healthy and well.  My husband?  Has spent the last two months knee-deep in High School Robotics team leaving me to 'mind the family'.  Me?  Getting back to business!!!!  Hope this post finds you all happy and well.  Happy to be back in the neighborhood!!!!!!  Let's see all of the new things that are happening in Blog World . . . grand adventures ahead.  I am certain of it!  :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Books. Twilight. Marked. Trueblood. Outlander.

So.  I have finished the Twilight series and LOVED it.  I have no idea why I resisted.  It has been so long, so so long, since I have been utterly captivated by a series, actually frustrated when I was searching for the next book.  I have not seen the movie and am planning to next weekend at a friend's screening.  I am planning to see the movie in the theaters as well.  I have not yet read the 12 chapters of Stephanie's work in progress.  The book through Edward's perspective.  I have heard it is available online.  Debating.

I felt a void, ;), when Twilight was over.  A friend handed me the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire series.  I have to admit, while I read the whole book, I am not a fan.  Too gritty, too base.  I enjoyed my ethereal 'noble' vampires soooo much better.

At the same time another friend gave me the Marked series.  A little young.  Slugged through the first chapter or two.  And that's where it sits.

Well, at our Halloween party the other night, yet another friend handed me the first in the Outlander series.  Ahh.  This could be something pretty special.  Tried to squeeze in a few pages in the carline and found myself too distracted by the members of our crew that kept jumping in the van.  I find myself anxious for the girls' bedtime this evening.  Bill is away on business.  Could it be that I have found my next series?  Stay tuned, sweet friends.  I'll let you know . . . Now, off to pick Morgan up from Ballet.  Oh, and the Science Fair Project, 5th Grade Level?  Immersed in the Indian River Lagoon!  ;)

Stomping. Tantrums. Ugh.

I remember the time that I was pregnant with Morgan, my first-born, like it was yesterday. I, like many first-time moms, poured over books, journals and catalogs, making lists and checking them not twice, but three, four and five times. I scoured "life" for information. I cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. And then cleaned some more. I designed. I stocked. I prepared. I prayed. I truly felt that I was ready. Ready for her arrival.

Nothing prepared me, though, for the vast quantity of love that I would feel for this beautiful baby girl, and the two sisters to follow. I felt that she was simply exquisite and was struck by the magnitude of our relationship. Each daughter touched my heart in unfathomable ways.

The months to follow came at one time in rapid succession and at another time in a blur. My memories are at the same time crystal-clear and blurry. I chalk this up to the whirlwind, the tornado, the storm that is motherhood.

With all of my preparation before children and with all of my experience through having three little girls, I have yet to progress to "Expert Level" status. While I may navigate through the turbulent waters of parenting three incredibly busy children with more confidence than I once did, it is certainly not a "smooth as glass" journey. But, strangely enough, nor would I want it to be. I relish having children with strong and unique personalities, each a fascinating person to know. I love being there for them. When they are hurt. When they are scared. And yes, when they are mad.

I do not love tantrums. I feel frustrated when faced with irrational behavior. Frustration triggers me to draw upon some precious resources. Precious resources that may or may not unlock a trip to the next Level in the Game called "Parenting." The First Resource? Caffeine. I watch firsthand my reactions to irrational behavior with and without a healthy dose of caffeine. Hands down, I choose caffeine. Second? Grace. I try to apply a 'umm, what is behind the overreaction?" kind of approach to Temper Tantrum Navigation. I try to apply the "grace" approach to them that I desperately need for me. And, finally? The Most Important One of All? Prayer. Prayer for His Strength and His Patience where I have none left of my own. Irrational behavior pushes my buttons. Ten year olds stomping about costume fittings. Eight year olds stomping about cereal boxes that are held 'just out of reach' by the older sister. Four year olds stomping about the angle of a ponytail. Husbands stomping . . . well, you know :). Time to call in the "Old Faithful Reserves". Caffeine. Grace. Prayer.

Caffeine. Grace. Prayer. And, of course, Friends. Oh, I would be so lost without them . . . ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

is a change in terminology all it takes?

Last night I was feeling super-overwhelmed.  The word "drowning" kept running through my head.  The days are not long enough.  Jam-packed with activities, homework, projects, lessons, MOPS, study, e-mails, groceries, cleaning.  Husband away on business.  I am not getting everything done.  I have this vision of course in my head about where I should be and what I should be able to accomplish.  Simply not there.  So, as I keep thinking "drowning", for some reason "soaring" popped into my head.  Strangely enough I felt a more positive twinge.  Hmm.  Okay, I'll bite.  I'm 'soaring' through my life and navigating the trenches in a most excellent way.  If I write that and try to think that instead of thinking that I am drowning, does it somehow make it so?  Hmm.  Food for thought.  So, blogging friends, off to soar through my day.  Let's hope I don't bump into any stray trees.  ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

two-thirds of the way in. the volturi are coming.

How stressful!  I am torn between wanting to hurry up and finish so I know what happens and being horrified at finally being done.  Sigh.  Has anyone read The Outlander series?  My friend is raving . . .

paid in raisins . . .

I have a confession to make. I once was kind of glamorous. Not for long, mind you. But still, for a period of time in the early 1990s, being glamorous was a 'high-priority' on my list. My paycheck? For glamour. My weekends? Doing things that glamorous people did. My wardrobe? Fabulous! My skin? Over-tanned. My heart? Stressed and empty.

I spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about me. I worked at a hugely busy law office and then worked on me. My time spent with friends was spent racing from place to place, 'seeing' and 'being seen' and struggling to fill voids with conspicuous consumption that I know now could never be filled.

Marriage and motherhood changed my world. I made a dramatic leap of faith in leaving my hectic 'glamorous' world for a traditional marriage to a man in the military followed by the birth of my three children. I have never regretted my decision. My priorities shifted. I changed. Everything changed.

My paycheck? I'm paid in raisins, 'one of a kind' works of art, paperclip jewelry and 'love you mom' notes. My weekends? Filled to the over-flowing with festivals, scout meetings, birthday parties and family dinners. My wardrobe? Target clearance and MOPS' Garage Sale treasures. My skin? I'm not sure. I haven't had a chance to look in the mirror during the past ten years. ;) My heart? Full. Incredibly full with the love of my family.

Do I regret those empty, glamorous years? No. Actually, I do not. I did have some exciting experiences and for that I am grateful. But, first and foremost, those years give me a fresh appreciation for waking up to a fulfilling and enriching life of living for others rather than just for myself. I experienced those 'fabulous' times and I am grateful to have had those opportunities. But, would I go back? Would I choose a different route? Absolutely not.

I now embrace my "mommy chic". I like having a favorite headband and a 'dressy' ponytail holder. I like that my lipstick is more often than not 'buy one, get one'. I am excited when my pants cost $3.74. And I cherish my filled heart.

Glamour? Beauty? It is in the eye of the beholder. To our little ones, we are all simply beautiful. To Him? We . . . are . . . exquisite.

Friday, October 9, 2009

how can I possibly fold laundry when there is an unopened Book Four in my house?

I am completely out of coffee.  My husband needs white workout socks.  I just used the last bit of Tide moments ago.  Cereal boxes -- empty.  I should be at the store right now but I am taking a three-minute sanity break.  Blogging friends, how am I possibly supposed to fold laundry, go food-shopping, put away the stuff from food-shopping and wash the floors after vacuuming when there is a new unread Twilight book in the house?  Sigh.  Okay.  I am resisting.  Boring.  Hmm, perhaps a compromise?  I'll foodshop just a bit at Target, more fun than Winn Dixie, come back and fold laundry, while watching Project Runway and Top Chef.  Okay.  That sounds better.

Breaking Dawn?  Resting on my nightstand . . .

yes, Book Four -- being delivered by a lovely friend to my mailbox within moments . . .

I have heard it is the best of the Twilight series.  I am 'misty' in anticipation.  I am so ready to return to drowning in Twilight.  Not Jacob, Bella, not Jacob.  Edward, only Edward.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

oh, my. twilight. now I get it.

Now I get it.  Started the series ten days ago when a dear friend walked through my front door and handed me Book One.  Three books down.  Stalking a friend for Book Four.  I am entranced by Twilight.  What rock have I been under?  Oh, why, oh why, did I resist?  Team Edward?  Sign me up.