Monday, November 2, 2009

Stomping. Tantrums. Ugh.

I remember the time that I was pregnant with Morgan, my first-born, like it was yesterday. I, like many first-time moms, poured over books, journals and catalogs, making lists and checking them not twice, but three, four and five times. I scoured "life" for information. I cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. And then cleaned some more. I designed. I stocked. I prepared. I prayed. I truly felt that I was ready. Ready for her arrival.

Nothing prepared me, though, for the vast quantity of love that I would feel for this beautiful baby girl, and the two sisters to follow. I felt that she was simply exquisite and was struck by the magnitude of our relationship. Each daughter touched my heart in unfathomable ways.

The months to follow came at one time in rapid succession and at another time in a blur. My memories are at the same time crystal-clear and blurry. I chalk this up to the whirlwind, the tornado, the storm that is motherhood.

With all of my preparation before children and with all of my experience through having three little girls, I have yet to progress to "Expert Level" status. While I may navigate through the turbulent waters of parenting three incredibly busy children with more confidence than I once did, it is certainly not a "smooth as glass" journey. But, strangely enough, nor would I want it to be. I relish having children with strong and unique personalities, each a fascinating person to know. I love being there for them. When they are hurt. When they are scared. And yes, when they are mad.

I do not love tantrums. I feel frustrated when faced with irrational behavior. Frustration triggers me to draw upon some precious resources. Precious resources that may or may not unlock a trip to the next Level in the Game called "Parenting." The First Resource? Caffeine. I watch firsthand my reactions to irrational behavior with and without a healthy dose of caffeine. Hands down, I choose caffeine. Second? Grace. I try to apply a 'umm, what is behind the overreaction?" kind of approach to Temper Tantrum Navigation. I try to apply the "grace" approach to them that I desperately need for me. And, finally? The Most Important One of All? Prayer. Prayer for His Strength and His Patience where I have none left of my own. Irrational behavior pushes my buttons. Ten year olds stomping about costume fittings. Eight year olds stomping about cereal boxes that are held 'just out of reach' by the older sister. Four year olds stomping about the angle of a ponytail. Husbands stomping . . . well, you know :). Time to call in the "Old Faithful Reserves". Caffeine. Grace. Prayer.

Caffeine. Grace. Prayer. And, of course, Friends. Oh, I would be so lost without them . . . ;)

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  1. you are such a great mom.. awww sweet the love you can have with your children.. i didn't think that was possible until I had my son and then the rest of bunch... ya.. not liking that at all. kyiah is throwing herself backward ugghhh I hate that.


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