Monday, November 2, 2009

Books. Twilight. Marked. Trueblood. Outlander.

So.  I have finished the Twilight series and LOVED it.  I have no idea why I resisted.  It has been so long, so so long, since I have been utterly captivated by a series, actually frustrated when I was searching for the next book.  I have not seen the movie and am planning to next weekend at a friend's screening.  I am planning to see the movie in the theaters as well.  I have not yet read the 12 chapters of Stephanie's work in progress.  The book through Edward's perspective.  I have heard it is available online.  Debating.

I felt a void, ;), when Twilight was over.  A friend handed me the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire series.  I have to admit, while I read the whole book, I am not a fan.  Too gritty, too base.  I enjoyed my ethereal 'noble' vampires soooo much better.

At the same time another friend gave me the Marked series.  A little young.  Slugged through the first chapter or two.  And that's where it sits.

Well, at our Halloween party the other night, yet another friend handed me the first in the Outlander series.  Ahh.  This could be something pretty special.  Tried to squeeze in a few pages in the carline and found myself too distracted by the members of our crew that kept jumping in the van.  I find myself anxious for the girls' bedtime this evening.  Bill is away on business.  Could it be that I have found my next series?  Stay tuned, sweet friends.  I'll let you know . . . Now, off to pick Morgan up from Ballet.  Oh, and the Science Fair Project, 5th Grade Level?  Immersed in the Indian River Lagoon!  ;)


  1. I simply adore Twilight. My daughter and I are so excited to be seeing New Moon this month!

  2. I've missed you Linda!!! Come Back:)


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