Wednesday, August 5, 2009

laundry. ;)

That last post made me think about something. My housekeeping nemesis is laundry. I do it all of the time, no kidding with a family of five. I wake up in the morning and before coffee put in my first load. It's often the last thing I do before I go to bed. I have a small laundry room, glad I have one, but I am one of those, yes I admit it, who pull the laundry out of the dryer and place it on the nearby couch, waiting to be folded. My every day friends know how much I loathe laundry. We've even named my laundry. It's name is Fred. My husband came home one night and said, oh, looks like Fred's moved in and has taken over my couch. Ha. Of course, the name stuck. Some of my friends with better senses of humor share with me when Fred comes to visit them. Jill has Ethel come and stay with her. I don't have the courage to publish pictures of Fred. The rest of my house is neat and clean. Today is the day that I will ask Fred to get back on the road and stay there! (At least for a couple of weeks ;) ) I knew I had laundry issues when I get truly excited to have a brand-new container of Tide. It makes me happy to open a new package of Bounce. So weird. Anyway, please wish me luck. And, btw, what's your housekeeping nemesis?

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  1. Mine is mopping the floors, for sure! Especially the kitchen & entry way, where we have hardwoods. I keep them swept, but I totally detest mopping them. Ughhhhhh, makes me mad just thinking about it! lol


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