Monday, August 10, 2009

hurray! I did it, I did it! three columns, omg, I am too excited!

Thanks to html guidance from The Cutest Blog, I did it! I made my blog three-columns. Boy, it is so SPACIOUS around here! I love it, I love it! Three columns to play with! If anyone is interested in finding out where I found the information, please let me know. Probably need to tweak some of my edges to keep things looking tight but for now I am running with it! So much fun . . . now off to pick up my two oldest daughters and all of their friends from school. Happily, the minivan is cleaned out and ready to go! Happy Monday, my friends, Happy Monday!


  1. It looks great!!. I love the flower decore with the buttons. I couldnt' figure out how to do this from reading the instructions on the site you are talking about. I'm so lame so go figure. It's why I paid Indiechick to do mine for under $10. But don't you just love it?? OMG I love it too!!


oh so, well, appreciated! ;) loving those comments, friends!