Monday, June 22, 2009

The week starts off with a bang!

For those familiar, the following five words will mean a tremendous amount -- teaching at Vacation Bible School! Whew, 26 children -- what a blessing and a challenge in one! It is a wonderful little class -- I am looking forward to the week ahead! Busy!

I am keeping this post short -- managed to shore up a Scavenger Hunt for July 11th (I'll post the Hunt details after the Hunt for those putting together their own). I also have a retreat for my mothers' support group, Titusville MOPS (, set for this Saturday at my home. How does Summer become so, so, so busy?

Need to relax with some beads tonight. To my Texas friend, I will call you tomorrow afternoon to discuss prospects -- had to meet with my surgeon today after V.B.S. . . .

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