Thursday, June 18, 2009

A good day! The 'Fifties', Robots, Bunko and Craft Clubs . . .

Finally starting to feel better from surgery. Ready to roll up the shirt sleeves again. My kitchen, sadly a bit neglected, is starting to shape up. My Bunko friends are coming tomorrow night -- time to get batteries for the camera! A "Fifties" theme -- too fun!

A few projects looming on the horizon:

Making a decoupage nametag for Vacation Bible School next week
Painting my laundry room
Planning a fun keychain craft for students

Today I need to pick up my older kids from Lego League Robotics camp (, send off the father-in-law's present and card, clean hamster cages and finish my kitchen.

I am inspired to make more bracelets. I am gifting one along with some other goodies to the mom with the most Bunkos tomorrow night. I think a pearl bracelet -- fifties nod.

Our craft club begins next week -- I am looking forward to this. Super crafters -- I am looking forward to the dedicated opportunity of beading. Always a pleasure. Wish I lived next store to a bead store -- well, maybe not! :)

A good day!

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  1. I didn't know you had surgery!! I am now getting your blog emailed to me so I don't miss a single edition....yay!


oh so, well, appreciated! ;) loving those comments, friends!