Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The package has arrived . . .

There is nothing quite like the feeling of new pieces of the jewelry-making puzzle in your hands. New stones, new findings -- hmm, a wonderful adventure ahead. I look forward to sharing with you the pictures of my new work. Oh, a couple of great finds, Lauren Nicole Gifts (the link is to the left on my page) is having a HUGE SALE for the next two days. Kohl's is having a fantastic sale on men's shirts, hats and flip flops just in time for Father's Day and I found GREAT 80 percent off sales on tablecloths -- I'll take a picture when I show you some of the new jewelry pieces. Another question for you? I have been talking with many of the ladies in my mom's group about home businesses. While I personally am not interested in starting anything other than my craft corner right now, I love to share with them some of the businesses I have come across over the years. Looking for new business ventures? Please check out my list on an upcoming post.

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