Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Trifle Bowl -- a wonderful friend to those of us who entertain often . . .

I found a great new website today, Recipes, Top Chef, Style -- perhaps all of you knew about this place already? The trifle bowl has become my friend when entertaining. There are so many amazing things you can do with a trifle bowl. Simple ingredients immediately look fancy when placed in this pretty bowl on a pedestal. I was fortunate to find mine at a garage sale years ago. For my Bunko party last week, I tried to figure out something that felt decadent but was extremely low-fat. As you know, still 'recovering' from surgery . . .
Thankfully, my trifle bowl came to mind. I went simple. Fresh strawberries, cut in quarters. Two packages filled half the bowl. A crumbled box of Girl Scout Thin Mints from the freezer was the second layer. A tub of fat-free Cool Whip, the third. One small package of carefully arranged raspberries on top. It was delicious, light, guilt-free, yet felt fancy! It took minutes to put together but looked great. Definitely worth the shelf space for storage.

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