Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Great giveaway on Mission Mommy!

Oh, I am finding that it is oh so hard to share information on this giveaway because I would love to win it! :) I decided to pop on over to Mission Mommy and check things out. I saw that she had a posting about a giveaway for a blog makeover -- for someone new to blogging this has some DEFINITE appeal. Well, I went to Blog Makeovers by Tara (check out her button and Mission Mommy's button on my "sweet cards" and "delightful places in the world" sections) and fell in love with her beautiful work! So out of my comprehension as to how she works with all of those lovely designs. My favorites are Funky Spring by Helene and Trap the Spark by MgL Scraps -- so pretty, so PERFECT! Please go visit both spots and, sigh, enter to win this great giveaway. I even promise to be happy for the winner. :)

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