Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Garnet -- a new perspective . . .

I am a January child. The birthstone of January is garnet. For some, not the most remarkable of stones. As a child, a teenager, I envied those with a "prettier" stone -- the peridots, diamonds, sapphires. But, in 1995, I traveled to Prague (Praha) in the Czech Republic with my brother and a dear friend. One of the most wonderful trips I have ever had. The city is beautiful, old, ancient, gorgeous. The crystal, unbelievable, the churches, fantastic. I stood steps away from the Queen of England herself when I found myself stopped by Her Majesty's guards in the bridge between two halves of the city. The Queen and Vaclav Havel walked together over the bridge. I remember that moment like it was yesterday -- my friend, Jennifer, and I met both of their eyes with great big smiles. If that wasn't enough, unbeknownst to me, Praha is the city of garnets. What a delight it was to see beautiful store after beautiful store filled with the glorious gems. Set in new ways, the jewel takes on a new light for me. I no longer envy the birthstones of others. I can enjoy my own. January babies, visit for a fresh perspective!

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