Monday, July 20, 2009

the party.

Ah. It is nice to be back on the computer. We have had family in from all over this week. Texas, New Jersey, Kentucky, Miami. It was my father-in-law's 70th birthday party. We hosted it here, poolside, and it was a wonderful night. I made him an album from Shutterfly. I began with photos from my husband's childhood and continued right up until today. It came out beautifully. I highly recommend this kind of gift for a birthday of significance. I spent Saturday morning making many side salads to accompany the barbeque beef I had in the crockpot. For those who may be a bit "beef"-challenged like myself, I used two large chuck under blade roasts. It was "buy one, get one" at Winn Dixie (yea!). I placed them in the crockpot after rinsing them. Seasoned them with basil, sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper. I poured an amber beer over them and a half bottle of prepared barbeque sauce. They cooked all day. They pulled apart beautifully at the end of the day. I removed all of the fatty pieces and had a giant platterful of shredded beef. I served this with a bacon, egg and romaine salad, a tortellini and broccoli salad, a crunchy coleslaw salad and an ambrosia salad. My mother brought over a warm bean salad dish and her famous potato salad. I served everything with rolls, following a cheese, cracker and veggie tray. It was wonderful because I made all of the salads in the morning. I used really fresh ingredients from Publix. The recipes were simple but very flavorful. The dinner was extremely well-received. I normally tend to spend a good deal of my guest-time cooking complicated dishes and was delighted to have every single thing prepared in advance. The yield was so great that we were able to enjoy each one of the sides for a second dinner last night of grilled tilapia prepared with paprika, lemon slices and basil. It is so nice to have had the event come off so smoothly! :)

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