Saturday, July 11, 2009

my tiny studio in reflection . . .

After a month or so of beginning a blog and developing a little jewelry studio, I find myself even more excited about what lies ahead. It has been lovely to visit so many spots in the world. I am making progress forward in something that, while separate from my family, can accommodate the many demands of being a mom. The laundry hasn't stopped, the running to dance classes continues, food shopping keeps getting done and I am still coordinating my mothers' group. But, I have found something that is unique to me. An opportunity to use my brain muscles in new ways while still treasuring the gift that it is to be with my sweet little girls at home. This week has been full of surprises. I have made new friends and am so grateful for the lovely women that have chosen to follow and support me. I am grateful to their example, their advice and their guidance. I have honed my blog a bit. Added favorite music through Playlist. Participated in my first Blog Hop through MckLinky. Joined several Mommy Blogging Communities and hope to meet more friends there. I have opened up a PayPal account and ordered my very own "Grab My Button" from Oh My Gluestick. (So excited!) I held my first giveaway and look forward to hearing from "the mommy" with her mailing address. I photographed and crafted more jewelry. I am crafting two speciality orders that will be completed by next Friday. Finally, I began my Etsy shop. This is a great feeling. It is exciting to be part of a giant community. I continue to look forward to continuing to honor all that is pretty and to making connections with other moms. May your weekend be blessed! Thank you for being you!

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