Thursday, July 9, 2009

my current umbrella is . . .

My current umbrella is none. :) I believe I can rustle up a Strawberry Shortcake, a Disney Princess and a strange purple one in short order but have no official "umbrella" for myself. It is funny -- my mother was of the hat, umbrella and apron generation and for some odd reason, I resisted that path for a long, long time. But, I have been filled recently with feelings of nostalgia, enthusiasm and admiration for that which is 'home' and 'elegance'. From exquisite apron websites, to blogs celebrating decorating with great panache, I am enjoying the rich tapestry that is the blogging world. As it is raining today and the Strawberry Shortcake option simply won't cover all four of us on our errands, I thought I could at least find something that would go with the Tiffany's necklace and designer tote that I have be-decked myself with in my imagination . . . :) Ah, how stylish I look, in my mind :), at least until I get soaked. Now, off to purchase 20 gift certificates for my mom's group Scavenger Hunt this Saturday. 56 women. One hunt. What fun! Let's hope I don't overwhelm the Target cashier :) . . . Oh, and for some fun, check out for some super-fab umbrellas!

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