Sunday, July 5, 2009

crafting "The Studio" . . .

It has always been a challenge for me to figure out where to bead. My house, while pleasantly spacious, is not tremendously large and being a Florida home, has no basement or attic to speak of. I yearn for a giant white room centered around an enormous flat country kitchen table (in black) and covered floor to ceiling with shelves, cubbies, hooks and the like. (132" x 42", 5 plank, thick top, large taper leg, midnight black, light rub, light distressing at Bright lights, whitewashed furniture and tons of built-ins. A huge brightly-colored rag rug and a small refrigerator filled with Diet Green Tea. Doesn't this sound great? Well, since I don't have this kind of space available, I have decided to bond with my nemesis, my laundry room. It is small, but I am glad I have one. There are about six shelves that were loaded to the brim with my daughters' dancewear and shoes, Girl Scout parts and random craft items. No more! I stripped everything off of them, lined the wire shelves with extra tile squares that I had waiting to be put to use, and cleaned everything in this small room. Draping pretty ribbons I have accumulated for my craft show in the Fall created a sweet nod to ambience. I placed an extra wireneck light on the waist-high shelf and have named this "My Studio". From humble beginnings, :), humble beginnings. It feels good to be organized. I am inspired to expand. A shelf here, a few hooks there. Another couple of weeks and I'll post a picture of the "tiniest jewelry studio in the world." :) So nice to see everything, all of my parts, looking so pretty and so accessible. No more crates jammed in closets. Now, to find an inexpensive stool and a set of hooks for necklaces, ribbons and more. I also need to trick out my display case. Happy hunting to me. :)

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