Monday, July 13, 2009

it is here! my next "Fab Friday" giveaway . . .

I found it so funny that I had so much fun hosting my last giveaway! As you know, my Madison chose "The Mommy" as a winner from a little pile of papers. Morgan, my oldest, made me promise to let her pull the next winner! I am sticking with my promise to have two giveaways a month. My next giveaway will be on Friday, July 24th, the day before our vacation. I have been waffling between bracelet or earrings, bracelet or earrings, and I have decided to choose another bracelet. I am so excited for my followers! Their odds are suber-fabulous at being chosen! :)

Here is what you can do to win:

1. Follow my blog. (If you already do, you are already in the running! :)

2. Leave me a happy comment anywhere on my site.

3. Encourage others to visit me, follow and enter! So love making new friends and visiting the blogs of others! :)

The bracelet I have chosen to giveaway is Swarovski crystal, Bali beads and silverplate clasp. Simple lines, soft muted amber and moss colors. A really sweet bracelet. Why not try to win? Remember, (;) wink, wink), the odds of winning are fantastic! Happy winning!


  1. ooohhh - sweet soft colors and I'm a green, brown and peach kind of girl! yay! I just followed - even before the giveaway because a.) you followed me and I'm that kind of girl and b.) even if you hadn't your blog is so pretty!

  2. Thank you, CailinMarie -- so glad you stopped by! I love those colors too . . .


oh so, well, appreciated! ;) loving those comments, friends!