Monday, July 20, 2009

i love hopping . . . mmmm, all these yummy recipes! my offering has five ingredients . . . i need to find more five ingredient recipes ;) . . .

Mmmmmm. I made a completely simple and delicious dish this weekend with only five ingredients. Using the freshest, yummiest, ingredients I could find, I made a delightful Bacon Salad. You'll need:
-One package of Romaine lettuce hearts
-One small handful of fresh spinach
-6-8 eggs
-1 lb of bacon
-Balsamic Vinaigrette
Wash and tear Romaine and spinach into bite-size pieces. Boil eggs. Cool eggs. Peel eggs. Quarter eggs. Cook bacon in microwave to 'gently crisp'. Tear bacon into small pieces. Toss all ingredients together, with the exception of the dressing. Cover tightly. Chill. Moments before serving, toss with balsamic dressing to lightly coat. Yummy. Looks fresh and inviting with only five ingredients. This was a big hit with everyone at my father-in-law's birthday party and was still crisp and fresh the next day for lunch. Enjoy!

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  1. That recipe sounds yummy! I love balsamic vinegarette and bacon!! Very cool blog! Would love you to take a look at mine...
    I am following you!

  2. My recipe has 5 ingredients :D. Your bacon salad sounds tasty.

  3. sounds like a delicious salad, all my favorite ingredients in one place and so simple. thank you for sharing!

    Love the Etsy shop - beautiful color combinations on the beads.


  4. I'm just stopping in from the blog hop. Nice recipe!

    I also like your jewelry. I'm actaully getting ready to open my own etsy shop too.


oh so, well, appreciated! ;) loving those comments, friends!