Wednesday, September 16, 2009

windshield wipers . . . delicious! ;)

I picked up Ella, my three-year-old, from preschool the other day.  It had been Yellow Day.  Yellow painting, yellow clothes, yellow goody for Show and Tell, yellow snack.  I always love to hear about her day and asked her what she had for yellow snack.  "Windshield wipers, Mommy!"  said Ella.  "Windshield wipers?"  said I.  "Yes, windshield wipers." "You know, windshield wipers with banana pudding," she said appreciatively.

"Ohhhh, do you mean 'va-nil-la wa-fers"?  I said, cracking up.  "Yes, Mommy, wan-il-lad wa-pers.  Yum!"

She cracks me up.  I just love her to pieces . . .


  1. I think that's the best part about toddlers, is trying to make sense of what they are saying. My son was deaf for a few years and because of it he had delayed speech. to this day he gets so frustrated with me because I still can't understand what he is saying. I've learned to just laugh it off and he, well he always just tells me "forget it, you never listen to me."

    Kids are so precious.

  2. just add - language interpreter to our list of accomplishments

  3. Ahhhh too cute- Have a great weekend-

    Love your song on your page!



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