Tuesday, September 1, 2009

she's crafty! (tell me you are not now channeling your inner Beastie Boy! ;)

I have a bit of a dilemma. Each year, twice a year, as coordinator, I am responsible for making homemade gifts for the women of my moms' group steering team. There are 32 women on my team this year. I took over from the super-crafty and wasn't at all myself. As such my beading passion was born! I have made earrings, bracelets and necklaces -- all very simple, all group theme-related (meaning colors, flowers, etc.).

Here's the rub. I am not sure what to make this year. I have a budget of $4.00 per mom. That's it. The ladies are pretty sophisticated crafters -- they, while very pleasant and kind, well, let's just say I would like them to be pleased by my efforts. Past coordinators have made an ornament, cell phone charm and soap.

I keep coming back to simple, elegant pendants. I can give them to the ladies on a simple organza ribbon to cut down on costs. They can then transfer them to a chain they already have.

This year's theme is about Travel. Planet Mom. Our table names are things like Ships, Trains, Planes, etc. Our donation basket is the Sky Miles basket. Our doorprize basket is a travel trunk.

I have no experience making homemade pendants. I have no experience making polymer clay pendants.

I keep thinking oval or rectangle. Smooth and polished. Clean lines and elegant or utterly charming. Sterling Silver. Maybe with blues, greens, grays and whites.

What can I possibly make, my bloggy friends? Any thoughts? Something will come to mind, I am sure. :)


  1. Ooo, I LOVE the idea of pendants.
    What about Scrabble tiles?
    or typewriter keys?
    You could hone your decoupage skills by putting pretty paper on a domino.
    Ribbon is a smart money-saver.
    Use your etsy savvy to see what others have styled with their mad talents.
    What a great project opportunity.

  2. Check out my two posts on my blog for the Graphic shell pendants. These were super simple to make and you could use just about anything for the "base". If you want more info. let me know.

  3. Ladies, I so appreciate the ideas! I think we've got something here . . . I'm looking into both beautiful concepts -- I think this will work. The breath of fresh enthusiasm means a lot . . . Now I am getting excited again! ;)


oh so, well, appreciated! ;) loving those comments, friends!